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Evaluating Report
ICOD Participate in CeBit Exhibition First

Editing Time:2011-3-3

March 4th, 2008, CeBit exhibition opened in Hanover. In order to meet the topic of “Green Technology”, Shenzhen ICOD with impact dot matrix printer and thermal printer as environmental protection products participate in ICT top-level exhibition.

This year, there are 5,500 manufacturers from 77 countries to participate in CeBit exhibiton, most manufacturers show their environmental technology products as company’s main push products. ICOD sit in Hall016 specialized hall, next to NIPP0N、Woosim System、CITIZEN etc. ICOD products win most praise from visitor. They are interested in ICOD products, and express their idea to coporate with ICOD.  

CeBit exhibition, strengthen our confidence to open overseas market. We will prefect our products and serves.
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