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Company Profile
ICOD is the specialist manufacturer of receipt printer; a specialist designer of individualized printing program; the enterprise as vice-chairman of China Electron C.C Commercial Informationization CPO; the first enterprise passes the certification of ISO14000 environmental management system in this line; the enterprise as a goodwill ambassador.

ICOD founder — a strong and united group, is full of creative thinking and professional spirit, they are rich experience persons in this line, lead ICOD men to compose and write printing legend; Bill Passes Series、 Business Passes Series、Baby Passes Series、E-ticket
Passes Series、 Diandian Passes Series、Xiao Xuanfeng Series, each article all is high-quality goods, enjoys good reputation in the domestic and oversea market. At present, we won four national patents, the products are fit to the national 3C safety standards, also possesses the certification of CE、FCC、ROHS etc., We built up an international specilized team at short time. On March, 2009, won “China POS Line---the Most Quickest Development Prize”! Now our products acrosses more than 30 provinces and cities of countrywide, and we also authorizes agents and after-sales service centers in the area, Meanwhile, our products well-sold in the oversea market such as Asia、Europe and so on.

ICOD comes for his mission, and from the moment he was born, he carries his mission: takes the concept of specialty、quality and service, encourages the national industry, and creats value for society, By the stage of the enterprise, to come true the dream of creating more value for the society.


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